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The singing and acting performances were delightful to observe. Our students performed before a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience on two nights. They regularly laughed and applauded during the musical. We have every intention of continuing with this annual event. It is another approach to providing various learning opportunities for all of our students. As well, it is becomming an anticipated artistic event for the Nakasuk School Community.

We thank the students, teachers, parent, guardians and volunteers for the wonderful presentation and the audience for their warm and generous reception of our musical.

We have attached the program and photos for your viewing pleasure.

<![CDATA[Congratulations Elizabeth Ryan!]]>Tue, 19 May 2015 14:17:15 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/congratulations-elizabeth-ryan Picture

Tracey MacMillan, Principal of Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, acknowledges a recent accomplishment of Elizabeth Ryan, Teacher, Nakasuk School. She was recently elected as Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Nunavut Arctic College. We commend her for her enthusiasm and willingness to serve in this high profile position as we move forward with Education initiatives in Nunavut.

Congratulations Elizabeth!

<![CDATA[Space, the Final Frontier...at Nakasuk]]>Mon, 30 Mar 2015 15:08:03 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/march-30th-2015On Friday, March 27th, 2015, Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, welcomed the audience and two very special guests: The Hon. Leona Aglukkaq, Federal Minister, and David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency Astronaut. Following introductions by Principal Tracey MacMillan and commentary by the Hon. Leona Aglukkaq, David captivated the audience of Grade 3, 4, 5 Students with scientific facts, stories and video clips of what it was like to be an astronaut. David then responded to student questions such as: What do astronauts eat? How do they exercise? Where do they sleep? Where do they train? What education is needed to become an astronaut? Following the information session, students and staff had an opportunity to take photos with both Leona and David.

We thank the Hon. Leona Aglukkaq for being such a willing member of the Nakasuk School Community. As well, we thank David Saint-Jacques for providing an interesting and educational presentation to the Nakasuk School students and guests. Their time and efforts on behalf of our students is appreciated!

These are photos from the event:
<![CDATA[Codemakers at Nakasuk]]>Fri, 27 Mar 2015 18:34:18 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/codemakers-at-nakasukThis week at Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, the Nakasuk Throat Singers and Grade 4 / 5 Students participated in an exciting event sponsored by Google.org and delivered by ACTUA technical personnel. ACTUA is a network of 33 universities and colleges across Canada that delivers hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Programming. 

Students eagerly participated in the following activities:

- Coding Throat Songs: Each student recorded their breaths and uploaded their individual sound file to a program called Fruity Loops that uses basic computer science principles to create a collaborative, synthesized throat singing music track.
- Digital Storytelling and Gaming: Students used a program entitled Scratch to create their own computer games and interact with 3D scanning technology that let them animate their own characters through body movement.
- Nelson Tagoona, Baker Lake Youth Activist and Beatboxer, assisted the students in making music. He then provided a live performance for the entire Nakasuk School student body.

Our students worked diligently. They were enthusiastic and proud of their accomplishments. Several of our students were interviewed by news agencies throughout the event. They were profiled on the TV news show Northbeat on CBC. They were happy to share their successes! 

We thank the ACTUA Leaders and Google Staff for making this event possible and supporting the enhancement of technology initiatives at Nakasuk School! 

Please see photos below from the event:
<![CDATA[Federal Minister Aglukkaq visits Nakasuk's ACTUA-GOOGLE Event]]>Fri, 27 Mar 2015 18:09:01 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/federal-minister-aglukkaq-visits-nakasuks-actua-google-eventWe at Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, were very pleased to welcome the Hon. Leona Aglukkaq, Federal Minister, to the ACTUA / Google sessions that were presented at our school this week. She met with our students, participated in the activities and encouraged the pursuit of technological skills. We, like Leona, believe that the acquisition of such skills sets will enhance the learning environment of our students and set them on a path to become great contributors to Nunavut in the years to come. 

It is always a pleasure to have Leona visit. She is a strong role model for our students and her friendly and welcoming disposition always creates a positive environment and fun times. 

Thank you Leona!

Photos from Leona’s visit are below:
<![CDATA["Write On" Nakasuk Teachers]]>Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:43:27 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/write-on-nakasuk-teachersTeachers at Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, were actively participating in an interactive Staff Professional Development Day on March 20th 2015. Our focus during the Sessional Day included various topics on Numeracy; Literacy; and Language of Instruction. 

During the morning session the faculty initiated the process of creating an English and Inuktitut Writing Continuum. This process involved using student writing samples, at all levels, to create a writing continuum. The samples contain specific objectives and attributes and are organized and sorted to correspond to Grade Level Curriculum Outcomes (Kindergarten to Grade 5). The continuum can then be used by students to help them become stronger and more proficient writers. Students can view the continuum and assess their own writing level. They can look at samples, verbalize their place on the continuum and talk about what they need to do to move forward to meet and exceed their individual writing targets. 

During the afternoon session, supporting strategies were introduced to teachers to strengthen basic Math facts for all Grade Levels. Games, individual, partner and whole group approaches were explored and resources were provided to teachers.

We thank all faculty members for their valuable contributions and their efforts on behalf of the students entrusted to our care. 

These are a series of photos from the sessions:
<![CDATA[The "Eye" is on Kindergarten at Nakasuk]]>Fri, 20 Mar 2015 13:51:39 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/march-20th-2015Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, is often utilized by the Government of Nunavut as a venue to host numerous workshops, seminars, etc. Recently the Department of Education held a training session to prepare personnel for the introduction of a new assessment instrument for children who are transitioning from the home to the school. It was entitled Early Years Evaluation (EYE).

This process is designed to assist educators in assessing the skills of children as they prepare for and make the transition to school. The EYE consists of two complementary components: the EYE-Direct Assessment (EYE-DA) and the EYE-Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA).

The assessments can be given in the Fall and Spring of the Kindergarten year to determine measureable gains and to help plan for supports for children when they enter Grade One.

In the next couple of months, several teachers from Nakasuk School will work closely with the Department of Education to pilot portions of this program in preparation for eventual delivery.

We thank the facilitators for the delivery of the material and we, especially, thank the Nakasuk teachers for their willingness to pilot this program which will benefit students in our schools.

These are photos from the workshop:

<![CDATA[Reading, Report Cards and Cookies at Nakasuk]]>Fri, 20 Mar 2015 13:35:49 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/reading-report-cards-and-cookies-at-nakasukEvery year Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, runs several Book Fairs. These are held in conjunction with the regular reporting periods to parents and guardians. The intent of this activity is to provide quality reading material and to promote Literacy initiatives.

We thank Cathy Welsh (Student Support Teacher) for her organization and operation of a very successful Book Fair. This particular fair was held just prior to the reporting period and also during the actual Report Card Day for the benefit of Parents. Cathy’s time and volunteerism is greatly appreciated by the Nakasuk School Community!

Additionally, we thank Tim Horton’s outlet at Northmart for generously donating 200 cookies for parent snacks during parent-teacher conferences. This unsolicited donation was very much appreciated by the members of the Nakasuk School community.

We share with you pictures from these events.
<![CDATA[Chinese New Year Celebration at Nakasuk]]>Thu, 19 Mar 2015 19:16:40 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/chinese-new-year-celebration-at-nakasukThis year the Asian New Year is referred to as the 'Year of the Goat.'

We, at Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, received a special treat when two of our students did a presentation of the Lion Dance for their classmates. Andrew Ma, Grade 2, and Thomas Ma, Grade 3, accompanied by their father, Tat Ma, shared their culture. Thomas, the dancer, wore a traditional lions head dress and danced in an intricate and entertaining fashion. The tempo and cadence was provided by his brother, Andrew, on drum. 

We thank the Ma family for the presentation and the Homeroom Teachers Lauren Teiman and Michelle Tagak for providing the venue. 

Attached are some pictures from the cultural presentation and also one picture that show Thomas presenting a classmate with a traditional Chinese New Years card.
<![CDATA[Nakasuk Parent Committee: Thank You!]]>Thu, 19 Mar 2015 19:08:24 GMThttp://iqaluitdistricteducationauthority.com/nakasuk-school-blog/nakasuk-parent-committee-thank-youThe Nakasuk School Parent Committee regularly seeks ways to support and address the needs of the Nakasuk School Community. Recently they decided to hold a Craft Fair so it was hosted in our school gym. It took a lot of work and organization to make it a success. Fortunately, for us, they were more than equal to the task. 

We would like to sincerely thank them for their efforts and for the funds that they generated. As a result of this activity, we were able to purchase and place in every classroom healthy snack dispensers. They were a great addition!

We would like to share with you some pictures prior to and during the Craft Fair and a photo of some of our Grade 5 Student Leaders filling the healthy food snack dispensers.